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Search engine is the major source of Website Traffic

On-Page Seo

"Search engine optimisation (SEO) is that the method of poignant the visibility of net web site or an online page in an exceedingly web search engine's unpaid results often mentioned as "natural", "organic", or "earned" results.

On-Page SEO refers to all or any the items that you simply will do ON your web site to assist you rank higher, like page titles, internal linking, meta tags & descriptions, etc

In search engine optimization, on-page optimization refers to factors that have an effect on your Web site or Web page listing in natural search results. These factors are controlled by you or by coding on your page. Examples of on-page optimization include actual HTML code, Meta tags, heading tags, alt tags, Social Media Presence, keyword placement and keyword density.

Meta Tags Checking

Meta tags area unit an excellent means for webmasters to produce search engines with data concerning their sites. Meta tags will be accustomed offer data to any or all styles of clients, and every system processes solely the meta tags they perceive and ignores the remainder. Meta tags area unit additional to the section of your HTML page.

While Google keeps messing around with our tried and true understanding of the title, meta description, Heading Tags (h1,h2..) associated Image ALT Tags they're still the foremost necessary meta tags for an SEO to arrange.

Social Media is clearly a good place for content discovery, however frequently the Meta information created for Search isn't enough to encourage individuals to click through thus it's best to use the Meta tags every social platform provides.

Keyword Density

Keyword Density is that the proportion of prevalence of your keywords to the text within the remainder of your webpage. It’s necessary for your main keywords to own the right keyword density to rank well in Search Engines.A Keyword Cloud may be a visual depiction of keywords used on a web site. Keywords that seem additional often on a page area unit represented in larger fonts.

Keyword Density tool to assist webmasters analyse the keyword density from their web pages and embrace a tag cloud for simple show of the foremost necessary keywords from your web site. Keyword density is that the activity in proportion from variety the amount the quantity of times a keyword or phrase seems compared to the entire number of words in an exceedingly webpage.

Content and Images Optimization

As the Search Engines have gotten smarter and additional intelligent, the method of achieving a decent search ranking is obtaining additional complicated. Currently it takes way more than simply quality content to urge to the highest

Through content improvement, you're providing essential information that search engines can use to work out what your content and, by extension, your business is all concerning. Search engines then use this data within the search results they show for relevant keyword terms or phrases.

Image improvement is that the basic steps for your SEO campaign. Image relevancy is very important once it involves image, the alt tag is perhaps the foremost necessary image improvement issue, improvement is that the final image optimizer to compress your pictures in JPEG and PNG formats to the minimum possible size

Social Media Optimization(SMO)

Social media improvement (SMO) is that the use of variety of shops and communities to get promotion to extend the notice of a product, service whole or event. Styles of social media concerned embody RSS feeds, social news and bookmarking sites, additionally as social networking sites, like Facebook, Twitter, video sharing websites and blogging sites.

. SMO is comparable to look search engine improvement, in this the goal is to get internet traffic and to a web site and increase awareness for an internet site. In general, social media improvement refers to optimizing a web site and its content to encourage additional users to use and share links to the web site across social media and networking sites. SMO additionally refers to code tools that automate this method, or to web site consultants undertake this method for clients.

Competitor Analaysis

The competition Analysis tool is intended to supply a breakdown of your website's search friendliness against your competitors supported varied SEO metrics. Merely offer your webpage address, similarly as your competitor's webpage address and any targeted keyword or search phrase.

To beat the competition, you must spy on your competitors’ each selling move. There are a unit a lot of SEO tools that monitor not solely your web site performance, however conjointly that of your competitors. ... Alexa permits chase world net traffic of your own and competition websites.

Free tools to assist you perform competitive analysis for your net selling Keyword Density Analysis Tool - finds common words and phrases on your sit

Search Engine Submition

Search engine submission services that promise you ranking breakthroughs by submitting your web site to many thousands of search engines

When you submit a web site or webpage to the search engines you formally invite them to index it. It's rather like expression to the programme crawler: Then your web site is queued for review. The time from your submission to regulating depends on the quantity of different web content lined up for the crawlers' attention. Once your flip comes up, the spider visits the webpage to index it.

That's it. You do not miraculously get to rank for your keywords. Your web site isn't flooded with search traffic. You do not gain any authority. Your page gets indexed, but you continue to get to build links and optimize your content if you would like to boost your rank.

You can manually submit your site to Google, Yahoo! and Bing

Mobile Friendly Test

Mobile Friendly take a look at could be a tool that permits you to simply do a mobile web site take a look at telling a few website’s score in terms of mobile responsiveness. Similar to Google mobile friendly take a look at, the tool is impressed to calculate the score that Google will.

In the previous few years, Google has place a penalty on several sites that provide poor expertise to mobile users. Later on, it absolutely was confirmed that Google mobile friendly take a look at is additionally an area of the ranking criteria. Since the amount of users accessing the websites from mobile phones is increasing staggeringly, it is, therefore, essential to create bound that web site is responsive and provides a top quality user expertise to mobile users.

For an web site mobile take a look at, there square measure several tools simply out there on the net. You’ll use one in every of these mobile web site take a look at tools to run an web site mobile take a look at.

BackLink Building

Building Quality back links is one among the foremost necessary factors in Search engine improvement. . It’s out of question that quality back links are crucial to SEO success. Back links are links that begin on another web site and point to yours. You already apprehend that the sole thanks to move your web site to the highest of Google is to create top quality back links more; the question is a way to get them.

Getting back links the Natural method

Even if many back links come back to your web site the natural method, extra quality back links are continuously welcome and therefore the time you pay building them isn't wasted. Among the appropriate ways in which of link building are becoming listed in directories, posting in forums, blogs and article directories. The unacceptable ways in which embody inter-linking (linking from one site web site to a different site, that is in hand by constant owner or exists principally for the aim to be a link farm), linking to spam sites, getting links in bulk, linking to link farms, etc.

Image and Site Maps Generation

A Sitemap is associate XML file that lists the URLs for a website. It permits webmasters to incorporate further data concerning every URL: once it absolutely was last updated however typically it changes, and the way vital it's in respect to different URLs within the website. The fundamental premise is that some sites have an oversized variety of dynamic pages that are a unit solely accessible through the use of forms and user entries. The Sitemap files contains URLs to those pages so net crawlers will realize them. This allows search engines to crawl the positioning a lot of showing intelligence.Bing, Google, Yahoo and As know collectively support the Sitemaps protocol.

To increase the chance that your pictures are often found in Image Search results. To boot, you'll be able to use Google image extensions for sitemaps to grant Google a lot of data concerning the photographs accessible on your pages. Image website map data helps Google discover pictures that we'd not otherwise realize (such as pictures your site reaches with JavaScript code), and permits you to point pictures on your website that you simply need Google to crawl and index. You can use a separate sitemap to list pictures; otherwise you will add image data to an existing sitemap.

Usability and Reputation

Web usability is that the easy use of a website. Some broad goals of usability square measure the presentation of information and decisions during a clear and epigrammatic manner, an absence of ambiguity and also the placement of vital things in applicable areas. Another vital component of net usability is making certain that the content works on varied devices and browsers. Another concern for usability is making certain that the web site is suitable for all ages and genders.

The idea of Usability is cantered on the construct of constructing the interface of the web site a lot of easy. a number of the common aspects of Usability square measure simplicity, consistency, familiarity, clarity, credibleness, connectedness and accessibility. The main target is to create users feel comfortable and take away all the bottlenecks from the conversion path so users don’t have to be compelled to modify any inconvenience where as browsing or getting a product on-line.

Google Safe Browsing could be a service provided by Google that has lists of URLs for net resources that contain malware, phishing content, or unwanted software package, and also the website is said as AN safe site to browse by Google.

Css/js/Html Minify

Minify html CSS JS could be a terribly tiny an efficient extension. It’ll modify html as well as inline CSS and JS code. Minification of CSS and JS files is compatible with default Magento CSS and JS file merger. There are not any advanced setups or query strings on minified CSS and JS files.

Minification is that the method of removing all unnecessary characters and space from source file without changing its functionality - e.g. code comments and data format, removing unused code, victimization shorter variable and performance names, and so on. Once minification code is smaller in size, which means less computer memory unit are going to be transmitted from your server to your customer's internet browsers that makes your website pages load quicker. Beside tiny speed increase search engines (especially Google) can offer you and within the SEO department (Search Engine Optimization). Therefore you must undoubtedly modify your code.